Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Sloth Bear [Daily Photo #438]

Allow me to introduce to you my new friend Mikael 'Mishka' ToffeeTassu. He is a sloth bear and he likes candy! In Russian we call bears Mikhail or Mishka (pet form) sometimes, it's a common male name. That's why he's Mishka. ^^ And Tassu means paw in Finnish.

EN sloth bear
FI huulikarhu
RU губач
LA Melursus ursinus

“They walk in a slow, shambling motion, with their feet being set down in a noisy, flapping motion. They are capable of galloping faster than running humans. Although they appear slow and clumsy, both young and adult sloth bears are excellent climbers. They climb to feed and to rest, though not to escape enemies, as they prefer to stand their ground. Sloth bear mothers carry cubs up to 9 months old on their backs instead of sending their cubs up trees as the primary defense against attacks by predators, such as tigers, leopards, and other bears. They are capable of climbing on smooth surfaces and hanging upside down like sloths. They are good swimmers, and primarily enter water to play.”
- from Wikipedia

Mishka: “So where's candy? This smells like chocolate but I won't be fooled!”

Mishka: “But brew a cup for me, please.”

Mishka: “And this one. But I still expect sweets, you know!”

Mishka: “Hi, toys, what do you have?”

Untuva: “We have delicious, healthy veggies.”

Mishka: “Ehhhhhhhhh.”

Mishka: *muttering something*

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