Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Books and Pride Month [Daily Photo #428]

Happy Pride Month everyone! I begin it nicely prepared. I have a huge list of books and short stories that have LGBTQIA characters so I have a lot to choose from, and I already started reading two novels for this Pride. But first…

~~~Dun dun dun~~~

New books arrived! Look at the precious:

The Seafarer's Kiss by Julia Ember
Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology

Their arrival was like a balm for my broken heart (Netflix cancelled Sense8 and I just… It feels like I've lost a family, not just another cool show. Sniiiiiiiff). It definitely cheered me up! So please, writers, keep writing books with LGBTQIA characters, we need you! ^u^


Me at Netflix


One more new book:

Indoor Edible Garden by Zia Allaway

Not queer but useful! A book about gardening indoors using all kinds of pots. This queer person likes growing her own food. ;) Also, do you like my very professional-looking shovel, mm?

And then, I have these two library books that I've already started. Both very nice so far! Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta is about two girls' relationship in Nigeria. If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo is about a trans girl and there's also a bisexual character. (I didn't know about her, so that was a pleasant surprise! Update: not so pleasant after all...) I do hope I'll be able to read not just these four queer books but a few more in June! Wish me luck? ^^

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