Wednesday, June 21, 2017

OMG Horses [Daily Photo #447]

Look, horses!

We went to Otaniemi today, to the Startup Sauna co-working space, and while my husband worked there I spent time reading a book. It's quite an interesting place with many different areas for meetings, some of them even look like sauna! =D

I already drew a fanart for The Seafarer's Kiss. ^^
It'll be posted here later.

At Robert's Coffee (Otaniementie 9).

At one of the library spaces.

What a cool chair!

And then we went to see horses living nearby (Tapiolan Ratsastuskoulu, Tekniikantie 8). One horse was at the stables, peeking from the window cutely. And four more were outside. There was a very juicy-looking grass growing near their paddock, so of course I threw some of it to them. And then! One of the horses started stealing the grass from other horses, especially from the brown one, chasing it away.

“Could you please give me more grass?”

“Mine was stolen.”

“Pretty please?”

“If it's not too much to ask...”

Of course!
“Thank you.”

The brown horse figured out eventually that eating the grass stalk by stalk was dangerous, because the grey thief always stole it. So, the brown horse started carrying all of it in its mouth away from the grey horse and eating it faster.

The thief!

“Now why would you accuse me of such things?”

The other two horses who didn't participate in the grass drama.

“I so did not steal any juicy grass that was very delicious!”

“I'm so misunderstood.”



That pink spot though!


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