Friday, July 21, 2017

8 Years in Finland [Daily Photo #476]

This post will be quite long! Let's start with the present.

We had a morning walk around the lake today.

Someone forgot their feather.

Cold or not, they bloom.


And now, the past! Guess who's been in Finland for 8 years now? =D Yep, 8 years ago I came here, as a tourist at first but with a plan to move soon. I loved Finland right away!

So, today I want to share a few photos I took on my very first day in Finland.

I came here by train.

I brought a friend with me. :)

The neighbourhood looked sooo different from what I was used to – my Moscow apartment faced a warehouse and from my window I could see factory pipes at the distance, smoking. In my new home, there were woods nearby, the air smelled so pure and fresh. I always wanted to live surrounded by nature but I didn't know you could have this much nature right in the urban areas! This was one of the first things Finland taught me.

We went for a walk at once, even though it drizzled.

There were so many snails everywhere!


(8 years of taking moss photos...)

Our first shopping together in Finland. =D

While Kusya relaxed at home, we went for another walk.

Of course there was a lake nearby! Finland…

My husband. ♥


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