Thursday, July 6, 2017

Coconut Gardening Magic [Daily Photo #461]

Coconut is so amazing – coconut cookies, coconut curry, coconut cakes, mmm. Coconut oil is great for hair and skin, it's a natural moisturiser. And coconut coir is great for gardening. The fibre in the husk isn't edible unlike the delicious white flesh, but it's not useless for us. Many things can be made from it, like doormats, ropes, and, of course, the planting coir that is today's subject.

I bought my coconut coir from Clas Ohlson. It's a light, dry, hard briquette (665 g) which replaces about 10 litres of soil. You add 3 litres of water, and the magic happens!

The result is soft, fluffy and pretty pleasant to work with.

This particular brand of coconut coir contains some nutrients, enough for the first 3-6 weeks of a plant's life, if you use it solo. You can also mix it with soil (here's a detailed article about it). Unlike peat, coconut coir is sustainable, which makes it a more environmentally friendly choice. And it's certainly much easier to carry home than soil! =D

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