Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fanart: Né łe! (40 Chihuahuas and 1 Husky IN SPACE)

*Counting chihuahuas* 38, 39, 40! Finally!

Hello hello. 'Tis I, the fanart procrastinator! How are you? After months of…um... procrastinating... quite intensely, I've finally managed to not only post my Paradise Kiss fanart (that I drew last year...) here recently, but also finish and, as you can see, actually post (gasp! right away?!) the cutest fanart project I've ever done! Meet 40 chihuahuas and 1 husky who travel IN SPACE.

Wait, what?

Last year I read Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time, a very cool anthology of indigenous LGBT science fiction and fantasy stories! One of them, Né łe! by Darcie Little Badger, features adorable doggos travelling to Mars to their new homes, and of course no way I could have resisted such an opportunity to draw 1) a fun fanart; 2) full of cute animals. I feel like I now have a strong connection to chihuahuas after drawing this many. I hope they make you smile! ^u^

If you're curious about these pups, make sure to read the story! (^u^)

From Goodreads:
“'Love Beyond, Body, Space, and Time' is a collection of indigenous science fiction and urban fantasy focusing on LGBT and two-spirit characters. These stories range from a transgender woman trying an experimental transition medication to young lovers separated through decades and meeting far in their own future. These are stories of machines and magic, love, and self-love.”

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