Saturday, April 21, 2018

Swan Lake [Daily Photo #750]

What a walk we had yesterday!

First we met two swans.

One of them was vocalising!

Then we walked a bit around the lake, a quiet, romantic walk… And then we heard an animal move through the bushes on the shore... And we turned to look. And there was a ROE DEER!! Bouncing at high speed under the trees! Whoa… And then!! We heard a dog bark, and another, smaller, deer appeared. The dog was chasing it! But then the dog suddenly stopped, as if it hit a wall – perhaps it didn't want to go too far from its home? And the deer got away. Probably joined the first one. The dog barked at them from afar for some time, then went away. This was the second time I saw a wild roe deer, and to have both encounters in an urban environment! I'm used to hares, pheasants and even raccoon dogs, but deer! ^u^/

So then we walked some more, and the same swans kindly posed for us again.

With even more vocalising!

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