Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Squirrel Strikes Back [Daily Photo #733]

Sooo much snooooow.


Previously on Forest Lair:

Squirrel: “Nice 'bird food' you've got there!”


KapiKapi: “You cannot fight the squirrel. It is a hungry beast.”

“It always comes back.”


It snowed a lot yesterday, and the bag of peanuts we put for BIRDS disappeared from its branch… Today I went to check things out and found… Well, see for yourself.

It stopped snowing closer to evening, so that means the prints appeared either in the night or today (the culprit is a daytime animal, so today is more likely). Yesterday I couldn't see the bag from distance, I guess it got buried under the new snow. Today I saw it lying on the snow, surrounded by animal tracks.

Somebody broke in, in many places. Not a single crumb left.
I think I know who…

These are squirrel prints.

Squirrels start having babies in April-May in Finland, so I guess instead of feeding little birds I just sponsored a squirrel family with a bag of high-calorie peanuts. =D

Some large bird – maybe a crow?

A hare!

Quite a party they had here.

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