Saturday, February 16, 2013



  Didn't plan to make a post today, but I discovered a new band and couldn't resist sharing it. :) I'm used to seeing androgynous guys in quite many Japanese rock bands, but today I found an all-female band that looks just perfect to me. And they sound cool too! ^^
  Не планировала поста сегодня, но нашла новую для себя группу и не могла не поделиться. :) Я уже привыкла к андрогинным мужчинам, встречающимся во многих японских рок-группах, а сегодня нашла команду, полностью состоящую из одних девушек. Выглядят они для меня идеально. Да и музыка тоже классная! ^^


God I love people who blur gender lines.
Как же я люблю людей, размывающих гендерные границы.

“Gender is a performance, a role we can play any way we chose” 
«Гендер — это спектакль, роль, которую мы можем играть как пожелаем» 
(LaJohn Joseph. The Independent Blogs)

~Unforgive you~

~ liquid~


Jyou's eyes are so pretty *_*
Какие же красивые глаза у Джо *_*



  1. Your stupid old Classical Music obachan had no idea such music existed in Japan. I should've known better, but I didn't.
    PS: I may need more than one coffee.
    PPS: Very, very interesting though.

    1. I've been looking for a band like this for many years. All girls playing something aggressive and heavy and unique. I checked every all-female rock/metal band I heard of, but none were really that good. But I kept looking. And then accidentally, while listening to music on Youtube, I found them. :)

      I wish there was a band like this in my childhood. Seeing other tomboys would have been very inspiring.

      I'm so happy you found them interesting ^O^ I can recommend more songs if you need ;-)


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