Thursday, March 14, 2013

Victory! Animal testing for cosmetics banned in EU

На русском: Победа! Тестирование косметики на животных запрещено в ЕС

March 13, 2013 brought us a huge victory. European Union no longer welcomes cosmetics that were tested on animals. The animal testing for cosmetics was banned in EU some time ago, but companies from outside the EU could still sell their cruel products here. Now they can do it no more.

What you need to know about testing cosmetics on animals:

  • Animals are tortured during the tests. There is usually no pain relief.
  • After they've been used, the animals are killed.
  • The results of the animal tests only show that the cosmetics are safe for rabbits/mice/rats, etc. Our skin and hair are different. So, even if you don't mind if a cute fluffy bunny died for your lipstick, think of your own safety.
  • The alternative, cruelty-free tests not only exist but are already being used by many nice companies.

Soon shopping for shampoos and shower gels will be so much easier here, no need to read labels or Google. :) Animal-tested cosmetics that were ordered by shops before the ban are still on the shelves, but soon it'll all be gone. Companies from outside the EU will have to stop killing bunnies, if they want to sell their stuff here. No more death for the sake of mascara! This world has become just a little bit kinder.

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