Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Свекольный салат. Russian beet salad

  Today I made this beetroot salad. It's pretty common in Russia, how about other countries? Usually it's made with mayonnaise, but since I don't like it much, I used vegan oat cream* instead.

  Сегодня я приготовила салат из свёклы. Хоть его и положено делать с майонезом, я взяла веганские овсяные сливки* взамен, потому что майонез особо не люблю.

  Cook a few beets and shred them. Add prunes, cream or mayo, stir well. Top with chopped walnuts. That's it! Yummy and healthy. You can also add garlic and apples.

  Наверно, славянским читателям Логова этот рецепт знаком :). Отварить свеклу и натереть на тёрке, добавить чернослив, сливок или майонеза, перемешать. Сверху посыпать грецким орехом, и всё. Вкусно и полезно. Ещё можно добавить чеснока и яблок.

Perfect with potatoes ^^
С картошкой самое то :)

  *Vegan creams like Oatly are available in most grocery shops in Finland. Unlike dairy cream, they don't have cholesterol.

  *Веганские (постные) сливки вроде Oatly можно найти почти во всех продуктовых Финляндии. В отличие от обычных, в этих сливках нет холестерина.


  1. Hi.
    Beetroot is not so common in Japan, especially we are not familiar with its red color.
    But... I love it!
    My wife tried and cooked Borscht, Ukrainian stew, last night!!
    What a coincidence!!!

    Next time I really want to try this beet salad with potato.
    Walnut will be a good accent :)

    1. Mmmm, I love borscht! It's very common in Russia too. My mother sometimes cooks it so thick that a spoon can stand in it!

      I was craving for this salad for a few days, but was too lazy to cook beets :D

  2. I haven’t known beetroot till now. “Yummy and healthy” , easy to cook, visually appealing with red color... it is a perfect dish! In daily cooking, I often use soymilk instead of fresh cream but I’ll look for a place where I can buy vegan cream which looks so handy.

    1. I love beetroot, but handling it makes my fingers purple :D Maybe I should use gloves in the kitchen... No wonder that beetroot juice is sometimes used as food colorant.

      I'm thinking of making borscht with it soon. Warm soup is so good in winter! ^^


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