Sunday, June 29, 2014

Like A Girl

The video above inspired me to make this post. :)

"And when we talk about war, we talk about soldiers and female soldiers.
Because this is the way we talk, when we talk about history and use the word “soldiers” it immediately erases any women doing the fighting. Which is it comes as no surprise that the folks excavating Viking graves didn’t bother to check whether the graves they dug up were male or female. They were graves swords in them. Swords are for soldiers. Soldiers are men.
It was years before they thought to even check the actual bones of the skeletons, instead of just saying, “Sword means dude!” and realized their mistake.
Women fought too."
-Kameron Hurley "We Have Always Fought

Fight like Michelle Yeoh

Fight like Jeeja Yanin

Fight like Maggie Q

Fight like a girl

Obligatory Babylon 5 Bonus: Fight like Delenn

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