Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Books & Tea. It Never Ends

Really, I should never go to libraries alone. I was supposed to return The Summer Prince and get two books I ordered earlier (if you live in Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa or Kauniainen, you can order books from any of their libraries and have them delivered to your local library for free). But somehow... my legs just took me upstairs... and my eyes saw more books... and then the books just jumped into my hands, you know? They were naughtily heavy!

My husband is learning Russian. He is reading Max Frei now, humoristic Russian fantasy-mystery. It's a bit challenging for a beginner, so I got him English translation for reference.

Max Frei wrote a lot, this isn't even everything. ^^

Max Frei's books are very popular in Russia. 
By the way, her real name is Svetlana Martynchik.

I was curious about these writers, time to try!

A graphic novel about lesbians (I'm reading books with LGBTQIA characters in June, because it's Pride Month), and a book that might help me draw my own comics.

And then in Lidl tea jumped into my hands as well. 
I've never tried Darjeeling and never even heard of Keemun tea before.

My mother-in-law likes to send us postcards ^^ Here are the card from their Tallinn trip and others. They stayed in St. Olav Hotel too. ^^


Books and tea: rooibos edition 1 & 2.

Also, when I was in the train on my way home, a man I was sitting near to was listening to heavy metal. Yay ^^ Have some melodic death metal from Finland!


Check more Insomnium here.

A long time ago when I knew almost nothing about Finland, I knew one important thing – Finns make awesome metal. Is there something special in Finnish air or are Finns simply born with guitars instead of skis? Maybe I like Finnish metal for its sheer quality, maybe for melancholy, but whatever the reason it will always have a place in my heart. Today's awesome Finnish band is Insomnium, the masters of catchy melodies I got addicted to from the first song I heard.”


  1. Insomnium! ^___^
    These guys were so awesome when I saw them in Joensuu last month ^^
    And yes - few days ago I also saw Moonsorrow in Lithuania :))


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