Thursday, June 19, 2014

☆* Sailor Moon in my life *☆

When I was a ~10 years old girl, Sailor Moon came to Russia. It was one of the first anime shown there. I loved it from the very first episode I saw. Sailor Moon aired on weekends, and if I managed to wake up early, I could watch the same episode twice – at breakfast and lunch. I remember trying to eat soup when something tragic happened in the end of season 1, I think the soup was suddenly salty.

Sailor Moon is a story of female warriors (senshi) fighting evil. Their team is incredibly diverse. For example, we have shy bookworm Mercury, tough Jupiter, crybaby Moon, mysterious Pluto and androgynous Uranus. Only women can be Sailor Senshi, and it was really cool to see something like this as a kid.

After every episode I was inspired to write my own stories, mostly about girls fighting evil, but I swear they were totally different characters! :D

As a kid, I liked to pretend I was Sailor Jupiter. We had similar hair after all. :D And I always loved green colour. Now my hair is much longer and usually braided, but I became a bit closer to Jupiter in another way, because I finally learned how to cook. :D (She is famous for her exquisite bento boxes.) I'm also hoping to grow some muscle to be as strong as Jupiter! Wish me luck?

Supreme Thunder!

Obligatory Animetal Sailor Moon song

Obligatory Sailor Uranus & Neptune violin

This sticker album was a gift from my father. It's important to support your kid's obsessions. :D

And this one I bought with my own money.

Heh, I even have kept this clipping from a newspaper. It used to be so hard to find info about anime, lol.

Last year a new, third edition of Sailor Moon manga was released. (Check this shopping guide if you wanna buy it.) I bought volumes 1 & 2 on YesAsia, and my brother-in-law brought volumes 3 & 4 from Japan. (See here other souvenirs we got. ^^) I really thought that reading Sailor Moon in Japanese would be too hard for me, but furigana makes it easier! I'm already in the middle of volume 2.

These were inside each volume.

Bookmarks, I guess?
Update from my brother-in-law:
“It's not a bookmark. It contains information for resellers (restocking) and they're supposed to remove it at the bookshop. ^_^”

Mars, you're too pretty!
(Have I told you I love long hair? No? You sure?)

I love how they casually teleport to the Moon, like it's no big deal.

This picture is highly accurate.
As an owner of super-long mane, I can attest that such hair can be dangerous.
I'm 500 % serious.
Ask my vacuum cleaner.
The one that is broken.
Which is totally not my fault.

Pluto, my love ♡

Cutie pie (´・ω・`)

Can I go to Japan already?
[Photo by my brother-in-law]


  1. This post made me smile.
    You know why. :)

    1. Because you're gonna take me to Sailor Mars' temples and I'll repay you with lots of chocolate? :D


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