Thursday, January 8, 2015

In the name of the moon, I will make this post!

This lucky girl got some awesome gifts in December (for birthday and Xmas). Wanna see my new Sailor Moon stuff? ^-^

What could be here, so nicely packed with a familiar pink bow?

Manga! ^^ Featuring:
Sailor Venus
Sailor Uranus and Neptune (aka flawless space lesbians)
and Sailor Pluto and Saturn

I opened the manga on a random page...

And it was a very nice page! *blush*

This is the 3rd edition of Sailor Moon manga. You can read about it here.

Um, my bookshelf is packed already...

Anyway, Sailor Jupiter pen!

Does it mean I can transform into a Sailor Senshi?!

Okay... Maybe I'll get a letter from Hogwarts then.
(I've only been waiting since 10th grade...)

Pirozhok tried this pen.

Now I can haz some bento! 
I'm ready to fill it with tofu and noodles, in the name of the moon.

Wait, there are more of you...

The matryoshka bento!

Luna socks! ^^

I shall not deface these pages.

P.S. Did you know that Jupiter's lightnings “can be up to a thousand times as powerful as lightning on the Earth”? That's quite a storm there, Mako-chan.


  1. Very beautiful pics.
    Happy new year to you and all your loved ones.

    1. Thank you and a happy new year!


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