Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A taste of Ukraine

This is a post for my friend Admiral July, an angry Ukrainian feminist who really loves puppies. ^-^ She ordered me to take a photo of a Finnish dog in the snow, which I failed to do so far (mostly because I'm an asocial creature who likes to stay home when it's too slippery outside). But! I did find something Ukrainian in Helsinki, in a grocery shop...

Червоний борщ!
Red borscht! 

I don't have any Ukraine-related toys, so here is a random cat.
(Oops, I should have used a puppy instead...)

This borscht was made in Lithuania. :D Also I saw many Russian-style products in Finnish shops... that were made in Germany.

I added potatoes, beans, parsley and chilli. Noms!

Bonus video about Lviv, the city where Admiral July prowls the streets searching for the puppies to cuddle.*

From the video description:
“Photos of beautiful Ukrainian city Lviv in December 2014 by Michael Babich
Music: Pink Martini - Shchedryk (Ukranian Bell Carol)”

*I'm making this up. Actually, puppies come to her.


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