Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Bird Visitor [Daily Photos #144]

Curious birds were investigating bug and seeds presence in our yard yesterday. This little one for some reason paused the investigation and posed for me.

“The great tit (Parus major) is a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae.”
“Large food items, such as large seeds or prey, are dealt with by "hold-hammering", where the item is held with one or both feet and then struck with the bill until it is ready to eat. Using this method, a great tit can get into a hazelnut in about twenty minutes.”
“Great tits are monogamous breeders and establish breeding territories.”
“The great tit is a popular garden bird due to its acrobatic performances when feeding on nuts or seed. Its willingness to move into nest boxes has made it a valuable study subject in ornithology; it has been particularly useful as a model for the study of the evolution of various life-history traits, particularly clutch size.”
-from Wikipedia.

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