Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ducks. Ducks! DUCKS [Daily Photos #142]

A bit belatedly, my daily photos for yesterday! We met so many critters, and so there will be a lot of photos! ^ш^'

First we got some refreshments in Espresso House in Sello: an iced rooibos-orange drink with mint for me and a white chocolate frapino for my husband.

Then we walked to meet this white pigeon who was building a nest under the wooden bridge.

And then we met the Great Leppävaara Duck Fleet.

Is that a duck khorovod?

One of them is not like the others.

My new friend The Hopeful One. When we stopped feeding ducks and started eating our own snacks, this one approached us and patiently waited. So I offered some rewards for patience and hope. ;)

The ducks were loyal only to the food…

I tried to lure The Hopeful One back, but instead…

This Bully came!

And then!


The Bully stole a big chunk of bread! It's showing its tongue!
You're supposed to take small bites, silly duck.

The Hopeful One (left), the Bully (right).

The Bully wanted moar, of course.

Smaller chunk this time. ;p

Look at it!

Still a bully, even when well-fed.

Not pictured: a duck that would not eat any bread. I kept throwing bread close to her, seeing that others were getting all of it, but she only turned away from it! And sometimes, when a piece of bread landed near her, she just opened her mouth and walked away.

**End of Duck Story**

Then we walked to a rye field where a jogger somehow scared a pheasant out of its hiding place in the field. The guy just quietly jogged, and there was maybe a meter between them and the bird was invisible from the path, but it got scared anyway and flew away screeching. It's always weird seeing pheasants fly, because they usually seem too lazy to do it. ^^

A dramatic shot of a ball.

Bonus! Pokémons! ^^

A Psyduck near ducks, of course.

A rare Rhyhorn, yay!

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