Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pizzarium Surprise [Daily Photo #291]

16.01. was a vegan day in Pizzarium in Kluuvi, Helsinki, so of course I had to take my pizza-loving husband there for a surprise date. He didn't know where we were going, only that it was something he'd looooove. =D It was very hard not to ruin the surprise, especially since he kept asking questions hoping I'd spill it out, but I did not, hehehe.

There were so many different pizzas! It was very hard to choose, I've never seen so many vegetarian (more specifically, 100% vegan) pizzas in my life. So many veggies ahhhhh. Veggies! Artichokes, olives, edible flowers, marinara sauce, truffle oil, broccoli, zucchini… The crusts were pleasantly crispy, and everything was delicious.

Helsinki is a bit gloomy in winter, isn't it?

I liked these birds.

Snowballs! Kinda...

And then we went to Kamppi to spend too much money on vegetarian food in K-Supermarket.

Behold the vegan space.

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