Monday, July 18, 2011

Virgin Snow

Необыкновенно красивый пост в блоге Stardust English Talk напомнил мне о Киото и замечательном фильме «Первый снег» (Virgin Snow, Hatsuyuki no koi, Cheonnun). Это история корейского юноши и японской девушки, не говорящих на языках друг друга, но всё равно находящих путь к любви. Фильм очень милый и красивый, немного грустный, и его обязательно надо посмотреть всем тем, кто не понаслышке знает о том, что для любви нет языковых и культурных границ ;).


  1. Thank you for the introduction of this film, Ekaterina. I hadn’t known it till last night when you asked about one scene of this. Sometimes I am taught about the things of my country by foreigners.

    I saw the movie trailer through the link you made. The scene they are in the boat is very close to the boats in my photo. I think I’ll go to that area in November when autumn foliage is beautiful. I’ll report you.

    If you’re interested in bamboo grove, please return my blog and read “The beauty and strength of bamboo” posted on the 30th of May.

    Wish you happy days ahead.
    Yoko, Japan

  2. You're welcome, Yoko! I liked this movie a lot, and Kyoto is one of reasons for this. Seeing more photos from there would be really nice, thank you in advance.

    I checked your post about bamboo, it's really beautiful and charming. Your blog is like an oasis - fresh, beautiful, relaxing. ありがとうございます!


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