Saturday, September 3, 2011

For star lovers

Всем любителям звёзд посвящается :-).

Ах, звёзды порой так похожи на драгоценные камни!

Звёзды над водой...

Звёзды и северное сияние:


  1. Northern lights are really awe-inspiring. Should I see them in person! My daughter went to Canada to see aurora several years ago and luckily she was able to see them but maybe much smaller scale. I can't afford to go all the way to Canada or some Europian countries to see them, instead I enjoyed them here. Thank you, Ekaterina.

  2. You're very welcome, Cosmos! I live in Finland and still never saw them, to be honest. It's possible to see northern lights on the south of Finland, but I guess I wasn't lucky yet. But I'm patient :-) My husband's father saw them in Lapland this summer. Maybe we should visit Lapland more often ^.^


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