Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! С Пасхой! :)

Почему у этих яиц чешуйчатая скорлупа? Драконьи что ли?
Why do these eggs have scales? Are they dragon eggs then?

«Не драконы мы!»
“Dragons we are not!”

  Ему полагалось делать это в прошлое воскресенье, но он забыл. Всё-таки Пирожок сделан в Китае, он всё ещё приучается к европейским традициям.
  He was supposed to do it last Sunday, but he forgot. After all, Pirozhok is made in China and is still getting used to all the traditions of Europe.


  1. I'm glad to see you eat chocolate Easter eggs and not Easter carrots! Or did you hide some veggies inside the eggs? ;)

    Happy Easter, Ekaterina, to you and your husband and Pirozhok and all the other residents in your home.

    PS: What does the Easter bunny eat? (´・_・`)?

    1. Thank you ^.^

      Hubby eats all chocolate eggs, I just take pictures ^^ This Easter I ate only half of the smallest egg, to taste it :) I did have a marzipan egg a couple of weeks ago though.

    2. Please tell your husband if he ever needs help with the chocolate ...


    3. You mean I should tell him to hide all his chocolate when you visit us? ^.^


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