Thursday, April 12, 2012

Айда в космос! Let's go to space!

По случаю Дня космонавтики :).
Today is Cosmonautics Day! ^.^

«Трава у дома» :) Обожаю эту песню.
«Grass near their house». I love this Soviet song about astronauts.

  Одна из лучших на мой взгляд зарубежных песен о космосе, от голландской группы The Gathering.
  In my opinion this is one of the best foreign songs about space, by a Dutch band The Gathering.

Фантастика мне нравится из-за космоса или наоборот? :)
I like sci-fi because of space, or is it vice versa? :)

  Наша маленькая Земля, вид из космоса. Не все страны показаны. Япония есть, а России и Финляндии нету...
  Our tiny Earth — view from space. Not all countries are included. I saw Japan, but no Russia or Finland...

  Хочу в космос! У вас не найдётся лишнего билетика? Кто со мной? ^.^
  I want to go to space! Does anyone have an extra ticket? Who else wants to come with me? ^.^


  1. 47 billion light years.

    That video about the most important image is ... well ... it makes you go very quiet, doesn't it?

    I hope reincarnation is true, because I'd really like to come back one day when space travel is possible! ^^

    1. The same reason makes me work on a novel set in space :) I'm a bit impatient.

      You made me think of it, being reincarnated in the body of a future space traveller. Gives some light of hope for the future :D

  2. I remember the words “ヤー、チャイカ” or ”私はかもめ” in Japanese translation, by Tereshkova, the first female astronaut. I like to be in space and see our mother earth. However, I have weak three semicircular canals, so I don’t think I can bear the trip, I ‘d surely get sick. Have a nice space trip someday.


    1. I'd probably get sick as well. Also my body weight is too small for my height. But, nothing can stop me from dreaming :)


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