Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Onion improvisation. Луковая импровизация

  Today I baked some bread. First I fried onion with a bit of black pepper and rosemary. Then I made bread dough from wheat flour. I'll list all ingredients without measurements, because that's how I cooked:
  water, yeast, salt, cane syrup (you can use sugar), wheat flour, olive oil, fried onion, dried basil and dill; a bit of soy flour for protein; sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rye bran for health ^^ I topped each loaf with onion rings to make them prettier ^.^

  Сегодня я пекла хлебушек. Сначала я обжарила лук с чёрным перцем и розмарином. Затем замесила тесто из пшеничной муки. Делала я всё на глазок, так что перечислю ингредиенты как есть, без граммов и миллилитров:
  вода, дрожжи, соль, тростниковый сироп (можно просто сахар), пшеничная мука, оливковое масло, жареный лук, сушёные базилик и укроп; соевая мука для протеина; семена льна и подсолнечника и ржаные отруби для полезности :). Сверху положила кружочки лука для красивости :).

I made two small loaves.
Я сделала два небольших хлеба.

  You can put so many things in bread, like seeds, nuts, raisins, herbs. I'd like to keep baking new kinds of bread, because can there be anything better in the kitchen than the fragrance of freshly baked bread? =^.^= What's your favourite bread?
  В хлеб можно столько всего положить: семена всякие, орехи, изюм, травки. Буду стараться и впредь делать домашний хлеб, ведь что может быть лучше запаха свежеиспеченного хлеба? =^.^= Какой у вас любимый хлеб?


  1. My favourite bread? Whole wheat bread. Real whole wheat bread that breaks your teeth.

    Actually ... any bread will do as long as it's real bread and not the awful chemical stuff you buy in Tokyo's convenience stores. Japan has superb gorgeous delicious healthy food, but ... Japan doesn't understand bread. Sigh.

    PS: Although I've bought some very nice rice bread. Let's add that to be fair! :)

    1. I didn't eat as much bread in Moscow as I do here. There is a lot of nice bread there too, but it seems that variety is bigger here. Wheat, rye, oat, barley flour, all sorts of seeds, cheese, herbs, sundried tomatoes, olives, apricots, nuts... There is too much to choose from! I love 'perunarieskat' - flat bread with potatoes. Delicious.

      Do you bake your own bread? ^^


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