Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kameron Hurley Is The Best

When your favourite writers reply to your tweets or even retweet you, it's amazing. But when they send you lots of cool goodies for free because you're a fan? It's FREAKING AWESOME.

So, a few days ago my swag arrived! It got from USA to Finland pretty fast. The Blood & Brutal Women Swag Bag from Kameron Hurley included:

- 8.5” x 11” glossy colour copy of the Mirror Empire map
- signed God's War, Infidel, and Rapture book plates
- exclusive unpublished SF body horror chapbook, "The Corpse Archive"
- eternal fan happiness

Kameron Hurley is the badass writer who creates worlds full of bug magic, deserts, flesh-eating plants, fascinating characters and plot twists that make you wanna scream NOOOOO in the middle of the night (or morning! you just can't stop reading). I bought all her novels last year, and I've already read God's War and Infidel. They were super cool, but then I got a Kameron Hurley's Awesomeness Overload, so I'm having a short break before I can continue with Rapture and The Mirror Empire. It's just too good, y'all!

Back to the swag!

I'm a hero! ^o^

In case you don't know, Sailor Jupiter really likes plants. She heard there were some iiiinteresting trees in the world of The Mirror Empire, so she can't wait to visit that place.

Here could be links to my God's War review and fanart but I'm... slow. Why it takes so long to draw someone whose description is “Her hair was jet black, braided, and belled. It hung down her back in one long, knotted tail.” is beyond me. Self, you have to draw this beauty. Don't forget the muscles. Oh, the muscles...

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