Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oatly Vegan Milk

Oatly is the Swedish maker of vegan oat-based products. “No milk. No soy. No badness.” They make 100% plant-based milk, ice cream, vanilla sauce, cooking cremes,  iMat fraiche and yoghurts. (Here are their products available in Finland and other countries.) Recently a new apple-pear drink appeared in the local shops, and I had to try it. As always with Oatly, it was delicious. (⌒▽⌒)

Orange-mango and apple-pear oat milk.

Penny says, “Fiber is good for you!”

Since Penny is not a baby cow, she doesn't drink cow milk. But is she a baby oat then?!

(Full disclosure: I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but almost everything I eat is vegan, almost. All my toys are vegan, of course.^^)

And also...
Wow No Cow! ^O^

From the video description:

In a one of a kind performance, multi-talented CEO Toni Petersson sings a song he wrote entirely by himself to explain exactly what Oatly is all about. Please like, share and comment!
Music and lyrics written by Toni Petersson. Please feel free to use this song however you wish or make your own version and post it on Youtube. Toni won’t care (as long as it is not better than the original).
Producer’s note: Toni TV was recorded in and around the organic oat fields of southern Sweden where Oatly has its offices. In order to ensure that viewers get to meet the real Toni Petersson, much of the footage was filmed without Toni’s knowledge that we were actually filming. Also, we didn’t let Toni view any of the material until just before it was released. Did we do this to trick Toni? Not entirely. We just felt that it was important for the viewer to get an honest idea of who the real Toni is and how Oatly — behind his new, off beat, dynamic and visionary leadership — is becoming a lifestyle brand that makes nutritional products to help people find ways to upgrade their lives and the health of the planet too.

They have many more cute videos on their channel! ^^ Go Oatly!
The videos are in Swedish with English subs.

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