Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pirozhok Is Strong In This One

While I got Sailor Moon souvenirs last December, my husband got Star Wars stuff. ^-^

Which prompted Pirozhok to cosplay a Jedi knight!

A shopping bag for when Pirozhok wants to buy some fruits.

Pirozhok is a pacifist, so no swords! 
“Cooking the ultimate power is, that this world will save.”

The paper on the left is very convenient for practicing kanji.

Star Wars clear files.

Also, wasabi-flavoured snacks from Japan!
(With Luna socks nearby.)
I'm a wasabi junkie, and my husband and his brother are my suppliers.

And caramel-flavoured popcorn, omg it was so delicious.

Now I want to go to that popcorn shop.


“May the fluff be with you.”

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