Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pink Patrol [Daily Photo #983, #984]

#983, 09.12.18:
Mmmm candy.

Untuva: “Stop right there!”
Lumipallo: “Yeah!!”

Untuva: “You can't eat this! It's a piglet!”
Lumipallo: “Yeah!!”

Untuva: “You can clearly see the snout.”
Lumipallo: “This piglet is under our protection.”

#984, 10.12.18:
Finally, I get to eat some candy. Hopefully no one sto-

Untuva: “Stop right there! Pink Patrol is here!”
Lumipallo: “This is outrageous!”

Oh what now?!
Untuva: “Too pink. It's ours.”
Lumipallo: “You can go. Eat some veggies or whatever.”

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