Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do genders matter in music?

  Кто сказал, что все девушки должны одеваться в розовые платья и быть мягкими и хрупкими, а мальчики должны быть жёсткими, холодными и без макияжа? :) Мне нравятся люди, не боящиеся сломать парочку стереотипов. Давайте останемся при широких взглядах, а, читатели? ;-)

  Who said that all girls should wear pink dresses and be soft and fragile and all boys should be tough, cold and without makeup? ^.^ I kinda like people who are not afraid to break some stereotypes. Let's stay open-minded, readers ;-).

Acid Black Cherry



Guano Apes


Arch Enemy
(not for gentle ears, I warned you ^.^)
(не для нежных ушей, я вас предупредила ^.^)

Culture Club

Doro Pesch


  1. Hi, Ekaterina.
    Ahh, may I ask you something?
    I knew from your profile that you are learning a numerous languages including Japanese.
    But, how'd you know "L'Arc ~ en ~ ciel"? (@o@)???

    I'm so impressed that you are extremely well briefed on our Japanese culture!
    Miso, Okonomi-yaki, Onigiri and Kao-moji!

    Cheers! (^-^)/


  2. Hi, zingo ^.^

    Well, I'm a big fan of Janne Da Arc who I found on Youtube ^^. And their vocalist Yasu-san is a huge fan of Hyde-san from L'arc, so that's how I learned about the band. So I checked a few of their videos and I liked this one. His voice so seemingly easily switches between husky and gentle o_O

    I get lots of information from Google ^^ By the way, all these kao-moji are quite common in Russian Internet, even amidst those who don't know it's Japanese. I see it mostly being used by young people. I guess fans of manga and anime spread it. I learned this one T_T from a guy who is a fan of American Indians, not Japan ^.^ But I didn't know it was called kaomoji, thanks for telling!

  3. They are charismatic entertainers totally.☆-(^ー'*)

  4. Yep ^^ Nice when bands make good music and show :) I guess because I'm a visual person I really like to watch videos and concerts ^.^


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