Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A question to my Japanese readers ^_^


Maybe you could help me with something? We got this drinking from someone who didn't tell us much about it ^.^


I managed to translate some parts of its name, so I know it's made from yuzu and karin fruits. But I couldn't find any information about this drinking :). Maybe you are familiar with it? Is it common in Japan? I hope adding hot water is the right way to make it ^.^ Taste is a little sour, yummy. Though my husband said it was too sweet, yet he is the one who loves sweets a lot ^.^

Ah, there seem to be so many exotic fruits and vegetables in Japan! *vegetable-addicted*

ありがとうございます in advance ^.^ Have a cup with me!


  1. Hi

    About yuzu-oranges, read this page:


    We use Yuzu-oranges in many ways:

    for example:


    About Karin, it is Chinese quince, a type of orange. In winter I have throat lozenges containing karin extract always with me.


    I hope this helps you.

  2. Thank you! I think I'd be lost in a Japanese market in all that variety of fruit.

    Ah, those sweets with yuzu look so yummy! Rice cakes are on my list of things I want to taste ^_^

  3. Hi, Ekaterina, I'm back. I think Sapphire's answer would be perfect, but if there's anything I'd like to add, yuzu and karin are citrus full of Vitamin C, so hot yuzu-karin drink keeps you warm and protects your from having a cold. Probably yuzu and karin would be special products of Kochi prefecture.


  4. Hi, Ekaterina.

    It might be help for you to imagine "Yuzu" as Japanese lemon or lime.
    We often use it's peel for seasoning, or we squeeze it's juice to enjoy the it's specific citrus flavor as scent accent.
    "高知" is one of 47 prefectures of Japan. Its warm climate is good for growing citrus trees.

    And this product, I suppose this is instant citrus drink, like Japanese Lemonade.

    According to the website of product company, you can enjoy as both Hot and Cold drink.
    (only in Japanese...)

    Enjoy Japanese taste! (^-^)/

  5. Hi, Yoko, and welcome back! Seems I was right to taste it hot now - I certainly don't want to catch cold :)

    Hi, zingo de mopsje! Thanks for finding me the maker's site! Google translate will help me read it :)

    Everyone, thank you for your help ^_^ Internet is such a good place. If you ever have questions about Russia or Finland please feel free to ask me :)


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