Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Cat Song. Кошачья песня

  Today we went to a sushi restaurant in Tapiola, Espoo, it's called Sushi Art. I'll write a proper review for my other blog later. While eating divine inarizushi and yummy rolls, I heard a song that sounded familiar. It was Kaze Ni Naru from the anime movie The Cat Returns (猫の恩返し), although I haven't seen it yet. After that we visited a library, and guess which movie was on the DVD shelf? The same one! ^^ I think we should borrow this movie from a library one day. Have you seen it?

  Сегодня мы были в суши-ресторане в Тапиоле, Эспоо, называется он Sushi Art. Я напишу отзыв на него в другом своём блоге. Пока мы наслаждались божественными инаридзуши и вкусными роллами, я услышала знакомую песню. Это была Kaze Ni Naru из анимационного фильма «Возвращение кота» (猫の恩返し), который я ещё не смотрела. Потом мы зашли в библиотеку. Угадайте, какое кино лежало там на полке с DVD? Снова «Возвращение кота»! ^^ Наверно, стоит-таки его посмотреть. А вы смотрели этот фильм?

The song. Та песня.

Trailer to the movie. Трейлер к фильму.


  1. Is that vegetarian sushi? I assume it is. I can see lots of avo. :)

    1. Of course it is :) My husband and I are both vegetarians. Avocado, cucumber and inari-tofu there. And pickled ginger, mmmmm. We even finished all wasabi ^^ Wasabi snacks made my tolerance to hot food so much stronger ^.^

  2. Actually the other day, I borrowed three Ghibli videos; "Omohide Poro poro" "Spirited Away""The Borrower Arrietti". I love all of them.
    How interesting! Besides English subtitle is of great help for English learners. I'll borrow this one and some others too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ghibli movies are so popular! I watched "Spirited Away", "Howl's Moving Castle", "Princess Mononoke", "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" and "My Neighbour Totoro", I loved them all too ^.^


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