Friday, October 26, 2012

Scarf season. Сезон шарфов

  Today we finally had first snow ^.^ I think it's time to wear a hat. But where is mine?
  Сегодня у нас наконец-то первый снег ^.^ Думаю, пора достать шапку. Но где же она?

Hm, I was sure it was somewhere here...
Хм, я была уверена, что она где-то тут...

   Anyway, I have lots of scarves to compensate the absence of the hat! I don't have that many clothes, but I looooove cozy scarves, long scarves and flowing scarves.
  Ну ладно, зато у меня куча шарфов для компенсации! Я не шмоточница, но вот шарфы обожаю — уютные, длинные, летящие.

  The blue and black ones are made by my mom. Both grey ones I found in the male clothes section of a shop :D I like grey colour.
  Голубой и чёрный мне связала мама, а два серых я нашла в мужском отделе магазина :D Мне нравится серый цвет.

   I crocheted this scarf for my husband. I rarely crochet but I made an exception for him :).
  Этот шарф я связала крючком для мужа. Я редко вяжу, но для него сделала исключение :).

Hm, Pirozhok... Could he have my hat?
Хм, Пирожок... Может, шапка у него?

   And today's drawing – androgynous looks. I watch too much anime...
  Сегодняшний рисунок — андрогинный облик. Я смотрю слишком много аниме...


  1. Nice scarves and so many! Your friend us easy to have cold? Lovely post.(^^)

    1. Thank you ^.^ I think one of reasons I have so many scarves is that they always fit. I'm too skinny, and it's hard to find shirts and such that fit me, but scarves don't have size, so I can buy them anytime I feel like doing clothes-shopping :D

  2. That's a beautiful scarf you made. I always like it when I can wear mine for the first time every year. :)

    1. Thanks! :)
      And I always feel a bit sad when it's time to put them back to the wardrobe in the spring.

  3. Snow? Already? Here in Tokyo we're experiencing those absolutely PERFECT autumn days that keep me outdoors non-stop. I'm walking/hiking so much that I don't even have time to write about it all! Oh, Ekaterina, I wish you could see this sky and the reddening leaves and the quiet temples in the faraway forests ...

    1. It all melted already here :( In some areas of Finland there was so much snow that there were problems on the roads, but we had so little... Anyway, I'm happy this winter teaser happened much earlier than last year ^^ I hope Christmas will be white.

      I wish I had the money to jump on the plane and visit Japan already :D


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