Thursday, October 11, 2012

Behind the scenes. За кулисами

My husband has documented how I take pictures :).
Муж заснял меня, фотографирующую то и сё :).

That's what I shot.
Вот что я сняла.

За работой.

The result.

More photos from that place:
Ещё фотки оттуда можно глянуть в этом посте:


  1. Ах, какая шикарная осень! А у нас осень отказывается наступать... сегодня опять весь день ходила в легких летних штанах, майке и босоножках :) И это середина октября!

    1. Я уже гуляю в свитере и пальто, шарфе, перчатках... :) Но я как раз обожаю шарфы, так что я непротив.

  2. This is even better than the post on your Finland blog, because this one has ... a horse! :D

    1. :D Well, I featured most horse photos in the Villa Elfvik post, but I couldn't resist posting one more, so I put it here. Can you blame me? :)

      By the way, the other day we visited stables in Helsinki, and there were five super friendly horses, I was so hyper-happy (^.^) Although one of them tried to bite me o_O I think I smelled of bread.

    2. No, you smelled like a vegetarian: full of carrots and apples! :D

      Actually, seriously now, horse bites can be very painful. Silly things. Oh, and once a horse broke my big toe because he stood on it. And stood. And stood. Hmph.

    3. :DD

      We just had falafel with bread before visiting horses. Who doesn't like falafel, huh? :D

      The horse that tried to bite me later started biting the horse in another pen. They ran around the fence, made loud noises, showing off :D I'll post the photos to my Finland blog, eventually. I'm so behind everything.

  3. Катюша, интересные и красивые фотографии.

  4. I love the bush of tall reeds! Nice walk under the clear sky and good capture of the scenery which are really soothing.

    1. Thank you! Even though the place is popular, it's still very quiet there somehow.

  5. The reed look like tall goldenrod. The flower is yellow? The way dragonflies take a rest is interesting. They seem to keep a proper distance from one another.
    It looks like autumn is getting deeper.

    1. Hi, cosmos!

      I had to Google a little. Seems this plant is called Phragmites (Common reed). It can grow 3-4 m tall, though part of it is under water. I've never seen it bloom.


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