Friday, September 16, 2016

7 Babylon 5 Fanarts

An embarrassingly long time ago I asked folks for Babylon 5 characters fanart requests. And because it took me forever to draw them, I decided to add two bonus arts as compensation. :-)  I apologise for the delay! If you haven't watched Babylon 5, there will be a spoiler about one of the characters below.

Here they are!

Shadow Surgeon
for Henri 
Usually very ominous. So I decided to draw a Surgeon doing something mundane and not threatening. Not at all.

Vir Cotto
for Dasha
I admit, it was very tempting to draw Vir waving at a certain someone instead. =D 

Londo Mollari
for Simo
The winner of The Most Tragic Babylon 5 Character contest… Londo's epic eyebrows, though!
(That's Vir's hands there, by the way, so he got two drawings. =D)

Kosh vs Shadows
for Archy
“Kosh fighting Shadows,” he said. “Amaze me!” he said. Well, here it is. Let's call it 'You Shall Not Pass.' 

An Abbai person 
for me
The Abbai are matriarchal, amphibian people.

Bonus arts:

Talia Winters 
Human telepath, one of the two confirmed queer characters of Babylon 5 (bisexual).

Timov Mollari
Centauri lady whose every line is much snark, very wit. She rocks!

Second bonus, for all my friends who keep telling me “I really need to re-watch Babylon 5 soon” yet never do… Teasing quotes! To remind you of what you're missing out. :P (I'm half-way through god-knows-how-many-times-I-watched-it the second season of the show.)

Timov: I won't *bite* Vir. 
Vir Cotto: With all due respect, Madam. That's not what I heard. 
Timov: All right, that *one* time...
Vir Cotto: It was twice. 

Kosh: Ahh. You seek meaning. 
Talia Winters: Yes. 
Kosh: Then listen to the music, not the song. 

Londo Mollari: [singsong] Everybody's cute, everybody's cute, even me. But in purple I'm stunning! 
Vir Cotto: Ahh, he has become one with his inner self. 
Michael Garibaldi: He's passed out. 
Vir Cotto: That too. 

Kosh: Yes.

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