Sunday, September 25, 2016

One Year [Daily Photo #178]

Today is a special day – it marks exactly one year since we moved to our new apartment!

Here's how our living room looked like a year ago:

And what it's like now:


So many things changed with that move! For example, we now have more place for gardening so I made sure to grow plenty of herbs, lettuce, legumes and flowers. It's really nice to eat foods you grew by yourself!

Also we have a sauna and floor heating in the bathroom. LUXURY \@o@/ Well, many Finnish houses have saunas, but as I'm not a Finn I see it as something very special. Wikipedia says, “There are five million inhabitants and over three million saunas in Finland - an average of one per household. For Finnish people the sauna is a place to relax with friends and family, and a place for physical and mental relaxation as well. Finns think of saunas not as a luxury, but as a necessity.” Although I don't like sauna (GASP she's not a Finn indeed!), my husband loves it. :-)

Another change: local squirrels for some reason don't do this:

We are very puzzled. They behave too appropriately here! Suspicious…

Bonus old pic:

It was the heaviest box to move, I swear!

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