Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Flowers! [Daily Photo #167]

Today I went to look at all our green friends and they got really talkative!

“Katya has been ecstatic I grew so tall and started blooming.
That's understandable. I *am* gorgeous!”

“Okay, I'm a smaller variety, but a sunflower nonetheless!”

“Red. Dahlia Red. Agent 00— ”

“Pfff, look at me though! So very orange!”

“Don't listen to them. I'm the only BLUE one here. And so, totally precious. Q.E.D.”

“I'm chocolate. Chocolate mint, that is.”

“Hi, lettuce here. I'm not just a vegetable! ;p”

“Well, yes, technically I'm not a flower, but can I please be featured too? Thanks.”
 (o_O)/  Sure!

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