Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dose of cuteness. Порция умиления

  Пришла посылка с одного онлайн-магазина. Муж втайне распаковал. Я-то только знала, что там будет штатив для камеры, а оказалось...
  We got a package from some online shop. Hubby unpacked it in secret. I only knew that we ordered a tripod for our camera, but there was something more...

Домо-кун! Угадайте, какая у него функция :)
Domo-kun! Guess what is its function ^.^

Правильно, в нём можно хранить бумажные платочки :). А штатив видно на заднем плане.
Yep, it's a paper tissue holder :). You can also see the tripod on the background.



  И сегодня мы купили первое пасхальное яйцо — шоколадная часть мужу, а игрушка мне :)
  And today we bought an Easter egg, first time this season. Its chocolate part – for hubby, and its toy – for me ^.^


  1. Easter eggs? It's already time for Easter eggs?

    Japan celebrates Christmas and Halloween, but Easter (despite all those cute bunnies!) is a non-event. I feel terribly disappointed each year, so please make sure you enjoy it on my behalf too! ^^ (I.e. have lots of extra chocolate eggs for me.)

    1. ^^ Shops here are quite crazy lately. I saw Christmas decorations on sale last August. Now they already have Easter eggs and decorations and bottles of sima, a May drink. o_O

  2. Тоторо!! Не удивлюсь, если у тебя ещё и котобус есть ;)

    1. Пока нет, но кто знает :))


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