Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy family

  Вы когда-нибудь играли в бадминтон в спальне? :D Сегодня я обнаружила, что на самом деле это очень забавно. Пришлось упрашивать мужа поиграть ну ещё чуть-чуть, ещё немного. Мы даже ничего не разбили. Хотя игра закончилась вот так:
  Have you ever played badminton in your bedroom? :D Today I've discovered that it's actually quite fun. I had to beg my husband to play just a little more, just a little bit more, just a little. We even managed to not damage anything. Though the game was stopped at this...

А когда вы в последний раз безобразничали? ;-)
When was the last time you did something crazy? ;-)


  1. Five minutes ago? :D No, I'm not that mad.

    Yesterday evening we walked in the rain to buy shawarma at Moses. It was freezing cold but not raining very hard and we were wearing waterproof jackets, so we didn't use umbrellas. My hair got very wet. I ended up eating a rain-diluted shawarma. It was still delicious. ^^

    1. You invented a new type of meals - rain-diluted! Perfect for the rainy season.

      P.S. Looky Looky at This Booky

    2. I love Ellen DeGeneres! That clip is SO funny!

      Since we're talking about funny videos, have you seen this funny cat video? My other favourite in that series is Mission Impossible. :D

      PS: All hyperlinks done via that website that you recommended!

    3. I love Ellen too! Every time I decide to watch just a couple of her videos I... well.. two hours later...

      I haven't seen these videos, they are :DDDD Already sent them to my cat-loving friend who is studying French.

      They reminded me of Cat Talking, Translation and Talking Beaver on the Highway by the same guy.


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