Sunday, March 11, 2012

11th of March

そっと風にのって 白い花と 祈りを届けたい
«Carried by a soft breeze, I want to send a prayer with white flowers...»*

*translation by Kikuko Kamimura.


  1. やさしい歌をありがとう。しっかり届きました。

  2. Thank you for the warm message with a beautiful song. From Japan

  3. Thank you for remembering us. (And sorry for this late response. As you know, I've been tourguiding.)

    My respect and love for Japan (I should add for its ordinary people; not for its politicians!) have increased exponentially since this triple disaster.

  4. It hurts me to think how many people there still cannot go home or have a job or a normal life...


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