Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Helsinki Trip [Daily Photo #200]

Guess who hadn't been in Helsinki for months? =D Yesterday it was fixed! We went to Kallio to catch Pokemons to check out Loving Hut and visit some shops.

At the Central Railway Station.

Ympyrätalo in Hakaniemi.

Loving Hut! Address: Kolmas linja 17.
All their food is vegan and delicious. We both had second helpings.

Tofu, seitan, veggies – nom!

Then we walked more.

The Kallio church.

The Kallio library.

We shopped in the vegan shop Vegekauppa (Vaasankatu 15B) and the Asian shop Vii Voan (Hämeentie 3). The chocolate bar is from Vegekauppa, the popcorn is from Vii Voan. We bought a lot. =D

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