Monday, October 10, 2016

IKEA Hydroponic Indoor Garden [Daily Photo #192]

Yesterday's shopping: a cultivation insert set, a special cultivation lamp, a light fixture. Oh no, she's gardening again! =D

I am entering the world of hydroponics.

From what I've read, it seems that the main benefits of hydroponic gardening are:
- plants grow faster
- less water needed, as it's used more efficiently
- fewer pests
- can be very easy for beginners!

So when I heard of IKEA's new indoor garden, I just had to give it a try! :D This new system is supposed to be super easy even for inexperienced people. I think it is! And, you get fresh, organic and local food cheaply. ;p Good for you, good for the environment!

Check this video:

And here's what the scientists say!

Also recommended: this timelapse video!

I already had the starter plugs and pumice stones, so all I had to do was put my baby plants (two different lettuces, peas and a pak choi) into their new pots! For now we only have one set, but… who knows what I'll do in the future! Hohoho, a house covered in plants, mmmmm.


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