Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pecans & Sticky Buns [Daily Photo #194]

Yesterday I had a strong craving for sweet bakery, but instead of buying something from shop I decided to bake my own! After a bit of Googling I came across a recipe of sticky buns that looked way too delicious…

It had pecans and cinnamon!

I've never made sticky buns before, so it was fun to try something new. The result was sweet and soooo sooooooft! ^o^

Here's the recipe!

For Finnish readers: the milk I used was oat milk by Rainbow, and for butter I used vegan Keiju margarine (in the blue package). The sugar was brown cane sugar from Lidl, my favourite because it has strong caramel notes! I also added a little bit of maple syrup into the glaze. I think I made too little of the sticky glaze, so I guess I MUST make these buns again. =D

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