Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pirozhok's relatives. Родня Пирожка

У Пирожка занятные родственники, чем только не занимаются.
Pirozhok has some interesting relatives. They have various hobbies.

Играют на водяной арфе!
Some play water harp!

Прохлаждаются в гамаке!
Some rest in the hammock!

Тырят пиццу!
Some steal pizza!

Издают милые звуки и спят!
Some make cute noises and take a nap!

«Какие-то они все худосочные!»
«They look too skinny to me!»


  1. That water harp video is sooo ... cute! ^^

    When will Pirozhok visit his Japanese half-cousins here and here?

    1. Baby animals are so cute ^.^

      Pirozhok is very skeptical about relation to a puppy that fits into a normal boot :D When Pirozhok was little he could only fit into a giant's boot.

    2. Tell Pirozhok his half-cousin says it's because scones are so tiny in Japan. ;)


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