Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vegetarian music. Музыка вегетарианская

  Sometimes amidst musicians you can encounter vegetarians too. They don't really sing about tofu and carrots though. :) Here are a few famous vegetarian musicians:
  Среди музыкантов периодически попадаются и вегетарианцы. Поют они, правда, не только о тофу и морковках. :) Вот несколько известных музыкантов-вегетарианцев:

Jukka Nevalainen (Nightwish)


Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars (the whole band is vegetarian ^^)
вся группа — вегетарианская ^^

Jónsi (Sigur Rós)

Brian May (Queen)

  And so that you don't think that all vegetarians are cute and fluffy, here are three beasts. \m/
  Ну а чтобы вы не думали, что все вегетарианцы мягкие и пушистые, вот вам три зверя. \m/

Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)
Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, Carnage, Carcass)

Serj Tankian (System Of A Down)

And also... А также...

Erykah Badu, Pink, Shania Twain, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Thom Yorke, Ville Valo

...and many-many others. :)
...и многие-многие другие :).


  1. Как же я обожаю The Islander ^___^
    Про участников Arch Enemy и SOAD не знала даже, хотя частенько слушаю)) Анжела ведь выглядит тоже милой и пушистой, поёт только как зверь))

    1. Особенно в этом видео, так низко рычит, я заслушалась :) Я под эту песню зарядку делаю, энергия так и прёт.

      Я смотрела небольшое интервью с Анжелой. Она с рождения вегетарианка, у неё в семье были мясники, вот её мама и насмотрелась на такое и стала вегетарианкой.

  2. The movie/A beautiful lie, it's so impressive and powerful and beautiful. I wonder if they tell us only you can save One Precious Earth?

    1. I love this song and video! I think each of us can do something for our Mother Earth. Many little things, like saving electricity here and there, using not too much water, etc. My dream is to live in a house with solar panels ^.^

  3. - Тоже класные парни - GO VEG - ёмко и понятно)

    1. Какие они... громкие :)

  4. I had thought to be a vegetarian is from religious matter or health-wise, but I've come to realize that concern for environment can be a great reason. I’m not a vegetarian, I eat chicken, eggs , and fish, but I eat mainly vegetables. I don’t like it when animals for food are grown in terribly bad conditions or when too much quantity of grains are spent on growing livestock for human consumption while many people are starved to death.

    I like Sigor Ros, their sound is really ethereal.


    1. There is also a lot of pollution because of livestock. Cows produce so much methane it's insane. I became a vegetarian because animals were my friends, but now there are more reasons to it.

      Vegetables are probably the best food in this world, at least for me ^.^ Carrots, cabbage, squashes, paprika, Brussels sprouts, etc.


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