Saturday, December 8, 2012

Best of YouTube: Feminist Frequency

  YouTube is not only a great place for puppy and kitten videos, but also for education. I follow quite many channels there, and one of my favourites is Feminist Frequency. Anita Sarkeesian talks there about feminism*, gender and portrayal of women in media. I find these topics very interesting. I'm tired of gender stereotypes and movies with all-male cast. And you?

  YouTube — это не только щенята и котята, но и образовательные видео. Я смотрю довольно-таки много каналов там, и один из моих любимых — Feminist Frequency. Там Анита Саркисян говорит о феминизме*, гендере и о том, как женщины представлены в фильмах, играх, литературе и т.п. Очень интересные для меня темы. Мне порядком надоели гендерные стереотипы и фильмы с одними мужчинами. А вам?

The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies

Tropes vs. Women: The Smurfette Principle

Women's Stories, Movies and the Oscars

*Feminists are people who believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It's NOT about man-hating or hairy armpits. ;)

*Феминист — это человек, считающий, что у мужчин и женщин должны быть равные права и возможности. Это НЕ мужененавистничество или волосатые подмышки. ;)


  1. Классная, не оторваться, посмотрел с десяток роликов, тараторит тока быстро, ничего б не понял без субтитров, но весело:) listening тренировать самое оно

    1. Я тоже, когда только её нашла, сразу кучу видео просмотрела :) Она сейчас работает над серией видео о компьютерных играх, интересно будет посмотреть, хоть я в них и не играю.

  2. Yea, she's rather enchanting I'd even say enticing person who certainly talented, clever minded, and gifted of the gab. No wonder there was so overwhelming fund-raising success in her project.
    And, for answering to your question I gotta say, frankly, watching the movies I just can't seem to pay any attention to this issues:) It's really don't matter for me whether a man or a woman would star in a scene, moreover, I can hardly get my mind around the fact that anyone on earth is actually able to be bothered by it. However, since they do, let'em go on. I could only sincerely respect their freedom of choice.

    1. That's because you're male :) Imagine if it was the opposite: most movies are about women and women's lives, and male characters there are mostly mere love interests/eye candy/stereotypes. You want to watch a story about someone like you, but there is almost no one. You want to relate to the character, to understand - but most are not like you. It's very unpleasant to be left out, as if a woman couldn't make for an interesting character. Maybe it's hard for you to get what it's like for us, but that's how many women feel :) It's just like when white people don't understand what people of colour go through, or straight people don't understand how tough life can be for a gay.

      You know that in many countries women are not equal to men. Some men think women are less smart, or that all women think about is babies and love. More female characters could eventually help these men see that women are not just free kitchen slaves and baby-makers. At least, I hope so :)

    2. I agree there is certain gender inequality. But, anyway, what filmmakers are blamed for? It's nothing but ridiculous scapegoating! The movies reflect our society as it is, no more. You know, there is no reason for blaming the mirror, don't you? Besides, filmmakers have a little choice because they have to aim at the commercial success above all for their survival. They just make movies which vast majority of their audience want them to make.
      Feminist women want movies reflecting their ideals and personal views - so there is no problem, let'em make their own movies themselves, as they have already been making a long time. And, you know, no one regardless of hir (By the way, what a word, I can't help laughing!) gender has anything against it. Besides, there are many men enjoyed watching feminist movies, so even am I.
      I personally feel sad of the way the men in common think about women, as well as you do. Undoubtedly, talking with them on equal basis I know what they think about women much better than you could be able to. And, I must confess it is rather frustrating indeed. I do wish as well it will change some day. But, you know, no one is capable to abolish the freedom of thinking in modern society.

    3. I see your point. Moviemakers do seem quite cowardly nowadays with all those remakes and reboots they keep making. I'm already tired of endless Spiderman, Superman, Batman etc. movies :D

      But what do you mean by the vast majority of the audience? As you can see here, in many countries there are more women than men. Do all of these women want to watch one more James Bond movie? ;) Two of my favourites movies - Fountain and Hero feature both male and female characters. My favourite TV-show is Babylon 5 - there are many interesting female characters there. Are these movies/show feminist? No, they are about different things. But they do cater characters for the bigger audience - for both genders. I also love Firefly - it's not feminist at all and some feminists even hate it, but it has both boys and girls.

      I think some of those moviemakers that refuse to have any important female characters just use what you said as an excuse ;) Either they don't know how to write female characters or don't want to.

  3. I guess the reason is a huge diversity of tastes and preferences among the women themselves, and, the clear minority of feminist views in their society, at least for now. And, no matter the fact how strange it may sound for anyone, female folks in common have no any kind of objection to that title exuberance in movies if even it really is as you depict.
    You've said there are movies you definitely approve. So what is wrong, then? Is it there are another movies you somehow disapprove?:) I'm sorry, but you can just ignore them, can't you? For example, I hate horror movies, so I just don't watch them. But there is nothing to prevent me from respecting personal choice of theirs who like watching them. So, in contrast to you I can hardly imagine myself complaining of any kind of movies, no matter what that kind is.

    1. A few exceptions don't make me happy :) I like movies, I'd prefer if there were more movies with female characters. I ignore most of the movies, and their "maleness" is sometimes the reason for that. I like seeing attractive men on the screen, but I need stories with women more. I have very little choice in movies. It's better with TV-shows, but I can't just keep rewatching Buffy and Veronica Mars, I want new shows too.

      What would you prefer: having only 5 awesome vegan restaurants in Moscow or having 50% of all Moscow restaurants have rich vegan menu? ;)

    2. Of course, I feel sorry for you. However, I'm strongly convinced if movies you need were in sufficient demand from the viewers then many producers would eventually have made them a lot, and learnt how to. That's just inexorable free market rule.
      I see whole issue at last comes to the fact your taste somewhat mismatches with the mass taste. And so what? Be proud of your identity, what else am I supposed to say?:)

      I'm always glad to come across vegan restaurant in Moscow as well as any regular eatery:) I sincerely respect whole that horeca business. And, most important is I certainly respect and generally share vegan ideas. But, I gonna say I've always been completely satisfied even with McD being its most loyal consumer of fried potato and grenery. You know, if you wish be a vegan you needn't any special eatery, you need just a goodwill.


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